The blazing fast way to check what version of grep you're using, written in Rust

The blazing fast way to check what version of grep you’re using, written in Rust.

This is a Rust rewrite of the version tool written by Keith Peters. I wanted to write a complete project in Rust that I would actually find useful, and I thought it would be funny to rewrite such a simple tool in Rust. The code is super messy for now, I just got the main functionality working and am going back to refactor it into something maintainable.


To get the version of a tool, use:

version <tool name>

For example:

$ version python3
Command: python3 -V
Python 3.9.5

To get a list of all the tools that version knows about, run:

version --list


If you don’t have the Rust toolchain, you can install it using rustup, then run:

cargo install --git "https://github.com/Hasnep/version.git"


This project is released under the MIT Licence found in the licence file. It also uses code from Keith Peters’ project version, licenced under the MIT Licence, which can be found the project’s repository or in the file LICENCE-bit101.