Johannes Smit

I am a Mathematics graduate with experience in both data science and software engineering. Since joining Amey Strategic Consulting, I have been an analyst in a variety of projects and developed tools for internal process improvement.


  • July 2019 to Present: Strategic Consultant, Amey Strategic Consulting (London, UK)
    • I am part of a team working with a local government to create a web-dashboard that incorporates many data-sources. I created the data ingestion pipeline to load data from IoT devices, online APIs and daily reports into a central database. I then built the graphs and maps which gave the client insight into their efficiency and automated some previously manual processes. I also administrate the platform's deployment on AWS using Docker and recently set up the CI pipeline, allowing the entire team to use our time more effectively. Throughout the project I have communicated intuitively as I continually present my findings to clients and internal stakeholders in an easily digestible way. Recently, I worked with a stakeholder to identify an inefficiency in their work allocation and am developing a predictive machine learning model to enable data-driven planning. My personal highlight was designing and building a proof of concept application to manage and collect data from a network of IoT sensors which will allow for real-time monitoring of drainage assets.
    • I collaborated with Amey's HR department to complete an analysis of the gender pay gap of thousands of employees across all departments in wider Amey. The visualisations, statistics and forecasts I produced using R guided the company's decision making with regards to gender equality in pay rates. I then created a Python package to automatically perform these forecasts and trained an HR analyst with no prior Python knowledge to produce original analyses.
    • I completed a focused two week analytics sprint on the maintenance contract fulfilled by Amey Highways for Staffordshire County Council. I collected user-stories and datasets from both the Amey and Staffordshire teams about the processes used and delivered a presentation of data visualisations, highlighting key successes and opportunities.
    • I am a maintainer of the team's financial platform, an R Shiny dashboard that allows team members and project managers to monitor expenditure, register risks and keep track of invoices while synchronising the data with a relational database.
    • I oversaw the deployment of a Python tool to automate sending email reminders for Amey TPT. This was a task that previously took multiple days each month but can now be performed in a few minutes, saving significant resource time.
  • June 2018 to September 2018: Data Science Services Intern, Asia Analytics Taiwan (Taipei, Taiwan)
    • In my internship, I used Python and R to write extensions for data cleansing and data mining in SPSS and SPSS Modeller. I quickly added features when they were requested, made an intuitive but powerful interface for the extensions and documented the process used. I also created an in-depth tutorial on programming using SPSS Syntax from scratch, demonstrating my ability to learn and clearly communicate concepts to an audience who were unfamiliar with the topic.


  • 2015 to 2019: MMath Mathematics, 2:1 (University of Exeter, UK)
    • My Masters' dissertation involved combining modern neural networks using Keras with more traditional regression and Gaussian processes models with the aim of providing more human-understandable insights to machine learning algorithms. I successfully modelled a neural network using multiple techniques in a way that simplified the complex internal system to well-understood statistical processes. Other modules included machine learning and spatio-temporal statistics.
  • 2009 to 2015: Felpham Community College (Felpham, UK)
    • My A-levels were Mathematics (A), Further Mathematics (B), Physics (B), AS Spanish (B) and STEP Mathematics (Level 3).


  • September 2020: Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Scientist Associate
  • May 2020: Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals


  • As well as being fluent in Python and R for data analysis, I develop personal open-source projects in the languages Julia and Typescript as a hobby. For example, I created DataSkimmer.jl, a Julia package to quickly summarise tabular data in the terminal. All of my personal projects can be found on my website (
  • In school, I was a lead animator and team coordinator in the UK Schools Computer Animation Competition. Our team achieved first place in our category twice, and received an additional award in recognition of our talent. This experience improved my time management and strengthened my ability to lead a team in bringing a project to completion.
  • Languages: English (native), Afrikaans (fluent), Spanish (intermediate) and Mandarin (beginner).

References are available on request.